Laguna Fixed Gear 6

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Calling all cycling enthusiasts!

Laguna Fixed Gear(LFG) is celebrating it's six year anniversary by lining up fun activities to celebrate the occasion; from drag races, slaloms, bikes shows, balloon pop, wheelspin, tire changing and longest skid. Also this year we are adding tracklocross and cyclocross races.

The event is organized through our partnership with Southwoods Mall and Booster C Energy Shot, this event is aimed to create a platform for urban sport enthusiasts and cyclists to converge and expand cycling knowledge and skills.

• Drag Races
• Slalom
• Balloon Pop
• Wheelspin
• Tire Changing
• Longest Skid

Bikes Shows
• Modern
• Classic
• Ave Maldea

Come and join us on March 24, 2019, Sunday 7am at Southwoods City Binan Laguna and celebrate our scene and our culture.

Whoop Whoop! See you there!

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Howto Embed Videos from your Google Photo to your Blog or Website

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To do this you need a Google Drive and Google Photos Account.

1. Upload or backup your video to Google Photos

2. Sign in to Google Drive on your desktop computer with the same email you use to sign in to Google Photos.
To Link your Google photos to your Google Drive:

In Google Drive click settings click "Create a Google Photos folder" and click done.

Next in Google Photos click settings and switch on "Google Drive sync photos & video from Google Drive"

3. Click Google Photos in the left sidebar under My Drive

4. Find and double click the video you want to share (Videos have a Play icon on them) the video will open in a lightbox

5. Click the 3 dot More actions icon at the top of the page click "Open in new window" icon

6. When the video has popped out in its own window click the 3 dot More actions icon at the top of the page Select "Embed item"

8. Copy the embed code

9. Paste the embed code in your website or blog

10. Voila! Your Done!

After 3 Years... Still Kickin It

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i'm back after 3 years of not posting. Gonna start posting my Gopro vids that i'm too ashamed to share on youtube. Hopefully some day in the near future when my vid editing skill goes up then i'll start posting my vids over there at youtube. Quick video of me riding to Tagayatay just to buy suman(rice cake) for my mom.

Use Dropbox to Host and Stream Videos

Thursday, July 16, 2015 by Admin · 1 comments

Been searchin around the web on how to stream video using dropbox. Found Lockergnome how to guide on doing this, except for one thing,  the damn video won't play.

following Lockergnome's instruction this is what i did
<video width="612" height="388" controls="controls">
<source src="" type="video/mp4" />
Turns out i was missing a "?dl=1" at the end of the link

 <video width="612" height="388" controls="controls">
<source src="" type="video/mp4" />
and now the it works perfectly :) cheap ass CDN for cheapskate like me.

Laguna Fixed Gear

Thursday, July 09, 2015 by Admin · 1 comments

new project. blogger hosted site and zoho biz email hosted makes this site cheap to maintain :)