Jumping Around!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006 by Admin · 1 comments

I've been learning a lot of blogger hacks and trick lately and to me its kinda fun to know that you can bend blogger to do what you want.. well almost do what you want. There are still other stuff that you can't do with blogger and thats why I see people spending years using blogger now jumping overboard and goin to wordpress.com. Wordpress is nice it got tons of addons and aesthetically pleasing thats why I see people are goin over there I even signed-up for an account. For now I'm just testing the waters over there at wordpress.com and as for blogger.com it will still be my main blog.

Today I just added a drop down menu for my archives and a new search function using search.blogger.com both scripts I got from "Blogger Hacks The Series" and Cyclelicious.

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