Mad at BlogMad... Sorta

Thursday, April 20, 2006 by Admin · 2 comments

A couple a days ago I was raving about how they increase traffic to your site and stuff. Well today I lost my account something to do with database corruption. So I re-registered today and that basically means I'm back to zero well not really zero cause I got 25 credits for registering but my stats are zero. Am I going to leave blogmad? nah! I'm going to stick with blogmad cause I like here or until the next database corruption.

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2 Responses to "Mad at BlogMad... Sorta"
Nico said...
1:16 PM

Yeah, I lost it all too. I had a rank of Pro, and about 400 credits. Down the gurgler. I was mad for a few days and thought, no more blogmad for me. But then I missed it and decided to start again (that's how I ended up here!)

Living in Canberra said...
8:36 AM

You should email them and ask for your ranking to be restored. I did last night, and this morning they've reset me to where I estimated my ranking was. I didn't have any credits so I don't know how they'd be about them.

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