Better Than Me

Monday, May 15, 2006 by Admin · 0 comments

I was listening to FLOSS Weekly over the weekend. If you don't know what FLOSS Weekly is, FLOSS Weekly is a podcast hosted by Chris DiBona and Leo Laporte over at ThisWeekInTech.Com( and the show covers mostly stuff that is related to opensource software. I was listening to Episode 5 featuring Miguel de Icaza, the charismatic co-creator of the GNOME desktop, founder of Ximian, and father of the controversial Mono Project, designed to port dot-Net to Linux. One of Miguel's statement that caught my ears is that the reason he stop blogging was because he found that there are people out there that are better than him when it comes to blogging. I feel the same way, Like Mr. de Icaza whenever I read blogs I find myself inadequate because between me and them they have better grammar, they are more articulate and they are wittier than me and this is the reason why I abandoned my 1st blog which I started way back 2001 .

So why did I return to blogging even though there are thousand out there who are far more better than I am.. well because I want to share my thought and my feelings and the operative word here "My" yes there are other blogger better than me but their thoughts and feeling is different than mine. We may talk about the same thing but I might have a different view on the topic. There are other reason why I blog but this is the main reason why I blog. what's your reason for blogging?


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