Tired Ass Wednesday and a Big Thanks

Wednesday, May 31, 2006 by Admin · 2 comments

As the title suggest I'm so damn tired today, my head hurts, I feel bloated and I dunno why... well actually I know it's because I've been busy this past few days with work and that is why I haven't posted anything for the past couple of days.

One of the thing i've been meaning to post is a big thanks to geckoandfly.com and blogzone.biz for linking to this little blog of mine.

well that's it for now i'm off to buy some advil for this headache.


2 Responses to "Tired Ass Wednesday and a Big Thanks"
Sebastian said...
10:03 PM

hi, thanks for the link, but am wondering if it is not too much trouble sharing the 3 column template version? alot of my blogger has been asking me for 3 column templates. a nice little link back to your blog would be included if the code is being shared. thanks. email me the code at geckoandfly [at] gmail.com am hoping for good news. thanks for the link.

Awal said...
10:07 PM

oh, do you happen to know any nice templates? or any templates that is worth portng to blogspot? thanks again. email me at geckoandfly [at] gmail.com

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