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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 by Admin · 7 comments

Finally blogger is getting an update. I'm trying it out now by creating a new account using my gmail, didn't go for the merge thing cause i got scared that it might mess-up my current template. The one feature that we blogger user have been waiting for is here and its called Labels!(categories) which is a good thing and a bit sad cause we have to say byebye to our category hacks. They also added the private blogs feature werein you can be the only one to view your blog or you can let only certain people view it, which basically means that my boss won't get to read my rants ever again hehehehe. It says in the intro that theres going to be a drag and drop feature in the customization of your templates ala google pages i guess. You can read the other features here.


7 Responses to " is Getting an Update"
siku|at said...
9:42 AM

hi, i'm using your 3Column template, but recently once i have upgraded to beta blogger.. my comment cannot be anymore.. do you know how to fix it ?

1ijack said...
12:05 PM

Hello.. moving to blogger beta breaks the old template and all the hacks implemented before... i'm goin to upgrade the templates soon but i can't give a definite time coz i'm juggling to jobs right now. just visit my blog from time to time to see the updates.

in_darkness said...
11:12 AM

hi !
I love this comment system but, dont work in my blog.

Why? help me

San said...
5:52 PM

Hello Sir
I am using the same template as urs .
But there are some errors When i move my mouse in 1st sidebar links.
My Ads which is in 2nd sidebar appears on the post section.

Please tell me how to remove this error

Filip said...
3:50 AM

please, upgrade this template and make the comments works.

sikulat said...
8:43 AM

hi ijack,

any update on comments not functioning in beta blogger ? said...
11:41 AM

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