Merry Christmas To All

Thursday, December 28, 2006 by Admin · 1 comments

Merry Christmas to everyone! Sorry still haven't updated the templates to run on the new, maybe next year. =) What did you get this Christmas? Me i got a flip flops, some cash and my favorite a spindle full of blank disc hehehe.


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ayen said...
11:23 PM

been wanting exactly what you have here: the three-column theme of wordpress on blogger. perfect. well, almost. the labels don't work, as you mentioned somewhere. still, i have a feeling all this is a labor of love for you. i love what you're doing. keep the momentum up.

i will feature your site on my blog. i will also wait for you to port this particular theme into the updated blogger setup. wow. pressure. i know. but i think what you have here is such a good thing, and good things need a pat on the back and nudge to keep going.

happy new year, fellow linux-lover. to you i raise this evening's fourth cuppa coffee. cheers.

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