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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 by Admin · 7 comments

I'm a jealous type of guy, last week i got jealous because my boss has "spaces " installed on his mac and so i Googled and got Virtuawin. Now i'm jealous of his mac because it's running parallels with Windows Vista as his guest and i said to myself I want one too!!! And so with the help of the mighty google i found a bunch of virtualization software and tried them. I tried VMware, Qemu and Virtualbox. Among the three i really like Virtualbox, I like it because its not that big of a download its around 16.9mb compared to VMware's 100+mb and its user friendly.

What is Virtualbox? Virtualbox is a hardware emulation virtualization software(say that 10x faster), by mapping the host computer’s hardware resources directly to the virtual machine’s resources, it creates a virtual copy of your computer. With this virtual machine you can install and run different operating system within your host computer.

I'm currently running Virtualbox on an Windows XP (XP being the host) and gOS Linux as guest. Everything works out of the box. :)


gOS Linux[]


7 Responses to "Apps on My PC: Virtualbox"
Evan Phinney said...
12:13 PM

Hi there.

i am doing the exact same thing, only when i do it, i get a "swap space" error, saying that a swap space couldn't be created. Did you run into this? Any ideas for a fix?

is gOS awesome or WHAT?!

1ijack said...
4:31 PM

Thanks for commenting evan. Bout the swap space error well i didn't encounter it. gOS linux installed without a hitch. The only thing i can think of right now is allocate a larger space for swap.. not sure if that will help you.

gOS is Awesome!!! Currently downloading gOS Rocket Beta :)

Evan Phinney said...
7:03 PM

how much space did you allocate?

1ijack said...
8:42 PM

i allocated 256mb for the swap space

Evan Phinney said...
8:43 PM

and what filesystem did you format your virtual drive as?

1ijack said...
9:22 PM

i just used the default settings if i'm not mistaken its Ext3 and a swap partition

Evan Phinney said...
2:36 AM

i had to make the virtual drive auto expandable!

it works perfect now.

i love this OS. I am getting an old junker comp from my brother to install it.

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