Filezilla Password Recover

Wednesday, October 29, 2008 by Admin · 0 comments

I use Filezilla extensively using both Linux and windows versions. Recently i needed to recover a password for an FTP account i haven't used for quite sometime now.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem if your using Filezilla 3 as this version no longer uses encryption. Just export your settings and opening up the XML file with your favorite text editor and it will show you your password as clear as day. I could just import the old xml file but i don't want to mess up my site manager for just 1 account like what happened to me before.

Searching for a password recovery tool for Filezilla showed me a bunch of windows only and not free applications. I found one free application FileZilla Password Recover but again its for windows only but its just over 150kb so what the heck i downloaded it run it through wine, paste in the password hash from the old XML file and voila! it worked! It's as simple as that.

Download Filezilla Password Recover []


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