DNS-DIY for Google Apps and Blogger

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 by Admin · 2 comments

Last month i moved one of my sites to blogger using its custom domain feature and everything was fine until i realize i forgot to setup the email. So i registered for a free google app account to move my email to google mail. Followed their instructions and now everything is fine.

below is a snapshot of my DNS-DIY MX and CNAME settings:



2 Responses to "DNS-DIY for Google Apps and Blogger"
Bliss Bliss said...
9:21 AM


i need to map my inhouse hosting email server to onlinenic DNS-DIY,

For example External IP : and Domain ABC.com

Pls provide me the mapping details base on this.

Bliss Bliss said...
9:24 AM


i am having difficulty in setting the dns records in the DNS-DIY,

Pls provide me the details as per below shown example for inhouse hosted server.

Example : External IP : and Domain abc.com

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