Can't Live Without Google

Friday, March 27, 2009 by Trafalgar Law · 0 comments

I have been using Google products service for quite some time now and I just realize that everything I do revolves around them. For instance last night I found out that one of my Yahoo email account (I got 2 yahoo mail) has POP3 access. So what did i do? I went to my Gmail account and set it up to access my Yahoo Mail. This got me thinking, I realize that every time i get a POP3 or IMAP access I instinctively setup my Gmail to access them. If they don't have POP2 or IMAP i set them up to filter and foward to my gmail. Even my Mom's email is forwarded to my email.

I used Google Reader a lot as in I check on it like 100x a day. I like it so much that it kinda ruin net surfing for me. I don't get to see websites anymore, I wouldn't know if a sites updates it looks unless I get to read it from their RSS feed. I used to visit or Downloadsquad everyday but when I learned how to use Google Reader I don't get to visit their site anymore unless i'm looking for a specific info.

Other Google service that i used often:

Google Maps. Maps is very helpful when I need to send out our in-house messenger to deliver some item to our customers.

Picasa/Picasaweb perfect software to organize my photos store online. Oh and its also available for Linux.

Google Apps for managing  domains. I like it a lot because I get to use a very familiar interface when accessing email which is gmail. I don't get to worry about setting up email client because you can access it via the web. No more "AHHH I FORGOT TO BACKUP MY EMAIL" scenarios for me.

Google Docs spreadsheet is what I usually used.. I do a lot of product listing and price computation for our company.Very handy for times I need to check item inventory and i'm outside without my laptop.,, Calendar, Web Search and especially Adsense these are other service I can't live without. No need to explain here.

Of course i'm just exaggerating the "I can't live without it" part.


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