Feeling Dumb

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 by Admin · 1 comments

I just feel like a dumbass today. A customer bought a Logitech Quickcam Chat for Skype a couple of days ago and she complained that the webcam/quickcam doesnt work. So we had our foot soldier retrieve the said item. Before sending the item to our supplier i tried to check first if she's telling the truth. I hooked it up to my laptop installed the driver which i have to download it first because she forgot to put the cd inside box. Once the driver was installed and the quickcam applications running all you can see was a blurred image. I messed around with the setting with no luck. I thought maybe i need to update the drivers so i did that and still no luck. But i wasn't giving up yet, i figured maybe my laptop is the problem(i know thats why i'm feeling dumb) so i installed the driver to another computer updated drivers and it still blurry. Then i got another stupid idea maybe it will run if i installed Skype, maybe it was meant to run on Skype only. So i Downloaded Skype installed it and still with the same result, blurry images.

This time i totally given-up. I figured it must be a lens problem. So i went to our supplier gave him the quickcam. He set it up on his computer to check on it and like before its still blurry. Then he ask me if i tried adjusting the focus ring... then it hit me like a train.. FOCUS RING!!!! WTF why didn't i thought of that!!! it was just out of focus thats why it's blurry.

The good news is our customer was happy because it wasn't really broken cause all the while she thought that she might have broken it in her haste to use it.


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