How to Send SMS Text Messages Through Gmail

Thursday, October 29, 2009 by Admin · 1 comments

Gmail has SMS messaging via chat available since last year but it's only limited to US phones only. There is another way to send SMS in gmail by using a web service called Using Chikka you  can send free text to mobile subscribers in the following countries: United States, Philippines, Guam, India, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia (XLcom only), Saipan and Italy.

Now let's get started.

First off you will need to login to your Gmail account, once you have login start by clicking on "Contacts" then add new contacts. On the name field enter the name of the person you would like to text and on the email field you should enter the following detail using this format Country code + CellphoneNumber + example: Click save and your done.

An added bonus if you added your Gmail/Googletalk account to you will now be able to send Text messsages using Meebo and that also goes for Pidgin(the multi-platform IM client) too.


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