Getting Stressed Out With Paypal

Sunday, July 18, 2010 by Admin · 2 comments

Been updating one of my online store that specifically uses Paypal. Adding couple of new products and a little bit of tweaking the site. Then early this morning i got an email from Paypal stating a Notification for Limited Account Access. Why? well because my account was accessed by a third party. Who? What? access my account? reading this my blood pressure rose to level i don't regularly get. Havig a limited account access basically means i can't get my money until i resolve this issue.

Anyway i just change my password and send them some documents which is a no biggie but receiving email like that just really stresses my out.


Update: PayPal Account Access Has Been Restored. This never happens with my 2CO account.


2 Responses to "Getting Stressed Out With Paypal"
Anonymous said...
11:39 AM

I think it is a scam, and not true. Dont' give your details to the link, contact paypal directly.

Admin said...
3:21 PM

At 1st i thougth it was a scam but i double/triple check the links plus i went directly to paypal website by typing the address directly. And sure enough my acct. was in a limited access only. This thing happened to me before because of some suspicious activity and funny thing is the so called suspicious activity is when i used paypal to activate my premiere acct. isn't that funny? anyway everything is back to normal, i got my acct. reinstated. thanks for your concern.

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