Using Blogger's Custom Domain with a Dot TK URL

Sunday, September 19, 2010 by Admin · 6 comments

Been using Dot TK redirection service for 5 years now. Recently i learned that they are now offering free DNS service. I wanted to test this out by using Blogger's custom domain. If you are currently using a DOT TK domain just login to your My.Dot.TK account and modify your domain, select "Use Dot Tk Free DNS Service" and configure using blogger's A and CNAME records.


6 Responses to "Using Blogger's Custom Domain with a Dot TK URL"
cr0cus said...
12:13 PM

tnx bro!

Creator said...
1:17 PM

this is the exact and correct method to configure, thanks bro

nahid said...
11:53 PM

thanx friend

The Spookie said...
8:25 AM

Had a problem with it before, but this really, really helped. Thanks!

uniekeinfo said...
2:48 PM

thanks for this info, very helpfully for my blog :D

trickmax said...
12:37 PM

thanks Alot

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