Setting up an online store

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 A friend of mine asked me how to setup an online store because she is thinking of starting one. So i created a list of what you will need to start. This may look simple but this is how I do it. Hope this helps her and some you guys.

Setting up an online store/e-tailer
what you will need
1. Products
2. Domain name
3. Hosting
4. Shopping cart
5. Website/Layout
6. Payment system
7. Marketing

1. Products
images of items to sell
description of products
price (wholesale or retail)

2. Domain Name
get catchy easy to remember name
preferably use .com via
you can get your domain at, Yahoo Domains or Network Solution or .ph are expensive to maintain

3. Hosting
reliable hosting w/ good customer support
good uptime
fast servers
ex. Bluehost, Hostmonster

4. Shopping Cart
use shopping cart system in .PHP or .ASP
you can also use flat file(html and CSS)
ex. Opencart, osCommerce, Zencart

5. Layout/Website
hire or make your own website
use shopping cart's free or paid templates

6. Payment system
use reliable credit card processor/gateway
small transaction fee
can be use for non-shopping cart implementation ie. HTML Buttons
can send money to the Philippine thru bank or cheque by mail(risky) or thru Paypal
ex. Paypal, Authorize, Linkpoint, Payeasy, 2checkout

Alternative payment
Western Union
Bank deposit
Globe's GCash
Smart's SmartMoney

7. Marketing
Online Ads
Print Ads
Guerilla Marketing

Stuffs you will need on hand
Credit or Debit Card
Identification Cards
Utility bills
Bank statements

Cost to setup( the cheapest i think)
Domain name $10
Hosting $50/yr
2Checkout $49
total: $109


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