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I have been using portable apps for quite sometime now ever since i discovered www.portableapps.com. I have been using Portableapps'  Firefox 4 portable for quite sometime now. Aside from firefox here are some of the applications i use:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition - the award-winning web browser that's safe and secure
Notepad++ Portable - A full-featured text editor with syntax highlighting
FileZilla Portable - the full-featured FTP client
Skype Portable (Freeware) - instant messaging, video chat and phone calls
µTorrent Portable (Freeware) - lightweight bittorrent client
VLC Media Player Portable - Aeasy to use media player that plays many formats
LibreOffice Portable - word processor, spreadsheet, presentations with excellent compatibility
PeaZip Portable - Easy to use file archiver and compressor

An alterntive to Portableapps.com is Portablefreeware.com. Couple of days ago i discovered that there is also a linux version of Portableapps.com and its call Portablelinuxapps.org. Currently using Portablelinuxapps' Portable SMPlayer thats the only application i'm using right now. Using portable apps in linux reminds me of Klik when i was still using Knoppix.


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