Updated: Setting Up Netfirms' Domain Name with Blogger's Custom Domain

Saturday, July 16, 2011 by Admin · 14 comments

Netfirms upgraded its hosting platform rendering my old How-to obsolete. So here is my updated how-to on setting up Netfirms' domain name with Blogger's custom domain.

1. Login to your Control Panel

2. Go to Domains > Domain Central
3. To configure your domain name click on the “+” button next to the domain you wish to use

4. To enter your CNAME Alias and A Record click on the DNS 

5. From the drop down menu select "CNAME Alias"

6. Enter  www as your Host Name and  ghs.google.com as your "Points To:"

7. Select "A Record" from the drop down menu

8. Add the following IP addresses

9. Click on Subdomains  

10. add WWW as your subdomain

And that's it. Like always it  usually takes up to 24 to 72 hours for the domain name to propagate. 

As always have a nice day.


14 Responses to "Updated: Setting Up Netfirms' Domain Name with Blogger's Custom Domain"
Noorani said...
5:04 PM

Great post. I also use custom domain for my blogger blog. But I couldn't point my naked domain into my blog. Tried your last method now and waiting for a result. Feel free to visit my blog. :)

Dexter said...
12:36 PM

Thanx alot buddy i was really in need of this information.

Dolev Bar said...
7:02 AM

thanks alot, but can someone help me, i'm having a problem with the 'naked url', when i'm typing my domain without www its bring me to 404 error page or undevelopment page that netfirms set as defalut page for unpropagate domains.
my site-

Anonymous said...
8:56 AM

double check your A Name Record and Redirect under Blogger's custom domain>advance setting http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_LSf2oQ7PDIM/TLy5pZtNtlI/AAAAAAAAOuk/OUG1hvEMgnU/s320/blogger_custom_domain4.png

Spell Bounder said...
7:11 PM

plz tell me how to make sub-domain in netfirms with another blogger

BlackRain79 said...
4:42 PM

Thanks so much for this information. Nicely illustrated, saved me a ton of time!

Register domain name said...
5:36 PM

Great article. I have really enjoyed your articles. At the same time this is one of the great information for me.

Nameer said...
12:02 PM

Thanks so much.. this great article led me to link my blog successfully..


Tammy said...
2:36 AM


Anthony D. Allyn said...
1:41 AM

Thanks for explaining this is plain English


Pretty Pickles said...
8:31 PM

You are awesome. Google and Blogger instructions were not much help so I'm glad I found you. Other forums made it so complicated but your screenshots and step by step instructions were great help. Google/Blogger should hire you to write their help guides. THANK YOU!!!

Vander8 said...
11:45 PM

thank you. I am waiting for my new domain.


Abigail Rogers said...
3:31 AM

Wow, I feel so stupid. I followed this great tutorial, but had the same problem as Dolev Bar.

I just noticed the little box in Blogger's advanced redirect settings that says "Redirect cooksandqueens.com to www.cooksandqueens.com." It was unchecked! Gah.....

6:34 PM

thank you. I am waiting for my new domain.


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