Spread Firefox Aggressively

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I'm a Mozilla Firefox user since version 0.9. I like everything about Firefox from its tab browsing to its use of themes and especially its use extensions. I try to spread the use of Firefox among my friends and I even make sure that everyone in the office uses Firefox telling them how secure it is compared to Internet Explorer. Now here is one way of making people switch to Firefox and at the same time earn a dollar doin it.

Switch your users to Firefox and make money.
You already want people to switch to Firefox. Now's the time to get serious about it. Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer.

This is pretty amazing. Now you can advance your ideals, save people from popups and spyware hell, and make some serious money. Millions of people have heard about Firefox and are ready to switch--all they need is a friendly push.

That's where these scripts come in. They're specially formulated to give just the right push, maximizing souls-saved and dollars-for-you.

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