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Friday, June 09, 2006 by Admin · 7 comments

FUnique is another Fredrik Fahlstad creation. It is a three column theme with green as its dominant color. Like the previous templates it is a WordPress theme ported to run on This template also features Aditya Mukherjee's native blog search script.

View Demo Running on Blogger.Com


7 Responses to "FUnique Template"
Mayank said...
10:20 AM

Well, I think there is some problem with the download or may be the template is incomplete because the demo contains the white background however the download misses the white background

1ijack said...
11:35 AM

did you upload the images? you have to upload the images to some free image hosting sites like or and link from there.

Mayank said...
9:22 PM

Thanks for the reply! I did what you said and it worked...I was doing the same thing earlier but god knows..why it didnt work at that time. But thanks a lot for providing such nice interfaces and templates for blogger.

Mayank said...
9:01 AM


Is it possible for you to please update the template with this comment form!

I think this is co-comment enabled and is a good option to have...what do you say?

If not then I'll request yout to please help me in making the change. I am finding it difficult to change the comment form with be honest...I got lost when I tried to change it.

If at all, you can do me a this template is must be knowing ins and outs of you'll be able to change it fast can you please mail me a copy of changed this email address


1ijack said...
10:45 AM

Sorry for the dalayed reply i've been busy with work lately.. I will try to make cocomment work with the template and i'l just email it to you. but no promises ok :)

machpex said...
4:28 PM

Awesome! Tnx for the theme.
Greetz from Macedonia.

just me said...
10:50 PM

i have use your theme fot my blog : But, after the blog upgrade to the new version, the comment form not work. can you help me...

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