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Monday, July 24, 2006 by Admin · 4 comments

Its been a while since I last posted here. I've been busy with work and recently i have been hired by a school to take care of their computers. The pay is good and i stil have my old job so more moolah for me hehehe. Those people who reads this blogs knows that i'm a linux, free and opensource type of guy and since working for a school with windows xp with every beige boxes it just made me happy that i'm using linux and not windows. Why do i say that? Well on my first day at the school i got bombarded with so much worms and virus that i just gave up trying to clean the pc via an antivirus program and just reformated the pcs and installed xp. In one computer alone there is a total of 4600++ files infected by Brontok worm, That's FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED PLUS on one pc alone, can you believe that! Well enough of my story back to what the above title says.

For the whole time i was gone i was just only able to make one template and this is it. Presenting Beccary's Dusk Template! It is a two column dark blue and grey theme. Enjoy!

Original theme by Beccary
Ported by 1ijack

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This theme is licensed under a GPL license. Basically, this means that you're free to do what you like with it as long as you redistribute it under the same license.


4 Responses to "Dusk Template"
Hafiz said...
6:13 AM

Nice..can u make adreas06 theme to blogger code too. That template is totally actracting me..lolz

1ijack said...
11:09 AM

I'll try but no promises ok :) I'm kinda swamped with two jobs in all but try to work it in.

testing said...
6:06 PM

testing again

learner said...
9:38 PM

thanks. but can you give me, a theme like yours...

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