Setting Up Netfirms' Domain Name with Blogger's Custom Domain

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 by Admin · 6 comments

I bought a domain name from Netfirms a couple of weeks ago i must say they have one of the cheapest domains out there. I Googled for infos on how to setup the domain with Blogger's custom domain and what i found was a bit lacking. So i decided to make a complete guide on how to do it. Hope this helps. :)

1.Login to your NetFirms Control panel

2.Go to Domains > Domain Manager settings

3.To configure your A Record click on the “+” button next to the domain you wish to use

4.Click the "A Record" check box and add the following IP addresses.

5.Click on add.

6.To configure your CNAME record. Click the Sub-domain tab

Enter your sub domain name as www

Click the "CNAME" check box, Enter as your Host Name

7.Click on add.

These usually takes up to 24 to 72 hours for the domain name to propagate. With my experience it only took  an hour to propagate.

For those who don't know how to setup Blogger's Custom Domain here is a quick guide on how to do it.

1. Login to your Blogger account select blog you want to use with your Domain.

2. Click on Settings > Publishing > Switch to: Custom Domain

3. Blogger is going to ask to "Buy a domain for your blog" but we already have one so just click on "Switch to advance settings"

4. Enter your Domain Name then Save Settings.

5. Lastly, After saving a check box for redirect will appear. Click the check box  to redirect YourDomain to then save settings.

and.... your done.


6 Responses to "Setting Up Netfirms' Domain Name with Blogger's Custom Domain"
SWAN said...
5:25 PM

very great . very easy method due to images.
thanks so much that your method solved my problem easily.

Joger said...
7:35 AM

I'm very inexperienced with web hosting and this was a most helpful walkthrough.

Nathan said...
1:31 PM

you are a Godsent

Dan said...
11:35 AM

Thanks, you saved me a ton of time, it was so confusing. Netfirms should hire you to document instructions!


Ankit said...
11:12 PM

in my account everything is different
and i am enable to setting. please help me

Admin said...
2:39 AM

@Ankit you should check this out

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