Working on 3 Online Stores and Me Having Conjunctivitis

Monday, October 18, 2010 by Trafalgar Law · 0 comments

I'm on medical leave for the past 10 days due to conjunctivitis which i incidently gave to my brother and mom. Good job ahole! Since I'm stuck at home i got to work on 3 online store. Two for the company i 

work for and 1 for my brother. I started using OpenCart for one of the online store and I must say i really really like it a lot. Everything is easy with Opencart from uploading products, uploading images, inventory, APIs, everything is easy.

The 2nd online store is quite the opposite of Opencart i'm building it from scratch doin it the old school way with Notepad++ and Adobe DreamWeaver. It freakin tiring!

The third one i'm using blogger's blog again as a platform for my online store. I just love doing this is like having a free hosting hehehe. With Bloggers new features using it as an online store is a whole lot easier than encoding it by hand. Its not perfect but hey its free.

You can view the following sites at, and and guess which is which. :)


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