Brandless Notebook from China

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I got this notebook as a present of sort from a friend who bought a bunch of these Chinese notebook for his business. He gave me one and told me if i fix it its mine. So after the Christmas rush, after sending out the last orders from my online store i went about fixing this thing. The problem was very simple the power cord/charger needs replacing. Since this is a brandless notebook i couldn't find the supplier here to replace the charger. So the next best thing to do is get a charger from a different brand with the same specs. I was able to find a HP charger with the same specs and now i am able to charge and turn on the notebook... yey! At first the OS didn't load but a couple more tinkering with the BIOS i was able to load the Chinese version of windows XP. And since i don't know Chinese i nuke the OS and installed Ubuntu 10.10. Now i have a new notebook. The only thing to gripe about is the measly 2 cell battery that i can't replace. But hey its a free notebook who am i to complain. :)

Specs i gathered using Hardinfo in Ubuntu.

Intel Atom N280
Intel Graphic 945GM/943/940GML Express Chipset
Intel HDA Audio
1gig DDR2 Ram
Samsung 160gig HD
12.1 Screen with 1366x768 resolution
Realtek Wireless RTL8187SE
1.3 Megapixel Builtin Webcam
2 cell LION Battery


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