APTonCD Load Button Not Working

Saturday, January 22, 2011 by Admin · 8 comments

One of my favorite apps in Linux is APTonCD. APTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs (you choose the type of media) with all of the packages you've downloaded via APT-GET or APTITUDE, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers. APTonCD will also allow you to automatically create media with all of your .deb packages located in one especific repository, so that you can install them into your computers without the need for an internet connection. As qouted from its official website aptoncd.sourceforge.net.

I'm using APTonCD in Ubuntu 10.10. My problem is the APTonCD version that is available thru the Ubuntu Software Center is broken. You can backup APT packages but you can't restore it. Downloading the latest file from the website is futile since the download page has "the project has no file" in it. Search high and low for the answer but couldn't find one. So i did the next best thing and that is download an older version. APTonCD's website is a no go since there isn't a file to be found old or new. So i search google using "index of aptoncd" as the keyword and voila found some directories containing old vesions of APTonCD. I used securehost.com/mirror/debian/pool/main/a/aptoncd and downloaded aptoncd_0.1-1.2_all.deb. Installed it without a hitch, fired up the application and it work on Ubuntu 10.10 perfectly. I was able to load and restore 400mb worth of updates.

Now I do hope they fix the current APTonCD but until then i'm sticking with the old one.


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BEREGU said...
2:15 PM

Thanks.. Your post helped me to save a lot of time for downloading over 200MB packages... :-)

Anonymous said...
6:50 PM

hey I had the same problem. Your post helped me a lot .
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...
6:15 PM

thx Bro

Anonymous said...
10:15 PM

Thanks alot

Anonymous said...
7:59 PM

thanks... your post is very2 help me

Anonymous said...
6:19 AM

env LANG=C /usr/bin/aptoncd

ayoyemi said...
3:25 AM

sudo apt-get install hal

Ensure you put the hal

ayoyemi said...
8:37 AM

apt-get install hal

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